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Another schizoid moment in ZA


Someone recently reminded me that democracy is hard work. It’s true. And sometimes I can’t keep up. I long for an easy existence, where edges are softer and you don’t get poked in the head — and heart — by reality every day. Sometimes it’s hard work to be South African. Lucky Dube gets shot in front of his children on the same weekend that the Springboks win the Rugby World Cup. I leave my house on a bright blue morning and there’s an old black woman going through my rubbish. There’s nothing like desperate poverty first thing in the morning to really mess you up. Happy/Sad. Proud/Ashamed. Free/Guilty. All just schizophrenic moments in our daily lives. It’s hard work living here. There’s no escaping the real stuff…

Update: 20 December 2008
Since writing this, the M&G has redesigned its site, moving things around and breaking links. Harumpf. I’ve updated this post to reflect the changes and have fixed the link to Zapiro’s cartoon.

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