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JZ and Bullard: partners in persecution

So I thought that the Bullard saga was over and done with. As you know (yawn), David Bullard was axed as a contributor to the Sunday Times after his incredibly offensive, racist, column was published. Robert and I wrote an opinionated posting for Thought Leader, as did many others.
Then Bullard apologised in Business Day. Blah blah. Yawn. I thought it was over. I hoped it was over. And, to be honest, I thought Bullard’s career as a columnist was over too.
Not so! This is a country that is apparently so desperate for talent, that it recycles plagiarists, rewards the mediocre and, gasp, repeatedly hails villains as its heroes. Is our president-in-waiting so insecure that he’ll befriend anyone who says he wants to be his friend.
I’ve just (belatedly) read that ANC president Jacob Zuma has ‘granted Bullard forgiveness‘. Seriously. There’s even a photograph to prove it. The most powerful man in the country, shaking the hand of a man who not so long ago described blacks as being lazy, genocidal, primitive and clueless.
The mind boggles. Perhaps I should think of this as final proof that there’s nothing that single malt can’t solve.
But, truly, I almost had to reach for the sick bag when I read this, quoted from a statement issued by Zuma:

“We need talented journalists like yourself to write responsibly and we need journalists who have experienced the pain and humiliation of being on the wrong side of the media to share these experiences with their colleagues.”

Zuma and Bullard. Partners in persecution. Oh please.

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