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Creativity is as important as literacy

“If you are not prepared to be wrong, you will not come up with anything original,” says Ken Robinson, in this remarkable, inspiring TED talk, which we saw at a school meeting earlier this week.

He talks about how education systems across the world “ruthlessly” kill creativity in children and how it’s our responsibility to recognise that creativity is as important in education as literacy. Depressing to think that there are no education systems anywhere that recognise this. As Robinson points out, universally, all education hierarchies are the same: maths, science and language at the top; humanities in the middle and the arts below. As a parent of young, inspired and inspiring children, I worry about having to plug them into a system as rigid as a school.

It’s brilliant. Robinson is hilarious in a dry, English way but has some profound insights. It’s worth taking some time and checking it out.

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