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Seeing the big picture

The Big PictureThis is a great idea: uses a blog to showcase great photography. With the tagline, ‘News Stories in Photographs’, the Big Picture doesn’t compress and resize photos as added extras or eye candy; the photos are the point. I pulled away at first when confronted by such big images on my laptop screen. But it’s a great, great idea which definitely brings home the power of an image. Pulled off the wire, the photos are accompanied by a short explanation.
I hope it’s a feature that catches on. But as Alan Taylor, its creator, points out the problem is that there’s no space for advertising. And no advertising means no revenue. No revenue means… well, you get the picture.

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Burma: raining tears

Burmese monk

It was Archibishop Desmond Tutu, of course, who brought what’s happening in Burma a little closer to my consciousness when he likened what’s been happening in Burma to the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.

“It is so like the rolling mass action that eventually toppled apartheid,” he said. “We admire our brave sisters and brothers in Burma/Myanmar and want them to know that we support their peaceful protests to end a vicious rule of oppression and injustice … Victory is assured. They are on the winning side, the side of freedom, justice and democracy.”

He’s said this all before, of course. But perhaps I wasn’t paying attention. Or, perhaps, it wasn’t accompanied by images like this one. This beautiful photograph is from a Guardian slideshow, and was posted by Sokari on BlackLooks. And then there’s the point, raised by Caitlin Fitzsimmons on OrganGrinder, that what makes this year’s protests different from all that has gone before is “the advent of the internet and video-capable mobile phones means that the eyes of the world are on Burma more than ever before”. Check out what’s been coming through the blogosphere.

As Fitzsimmons says: “The flow of communications to the outside world can only benefit the citizens of Burma and the brave individuals who are risking life and limb to highlight the plight of their country deserve nothing but admiration. It’s no easy job, but technology has made it a whole lot easier than it was in 1988.”

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Can you tell the difference?

HeadphonesI’m really interested in microstock and found this slideshow on Wired, which compares images from iStockphoto and Corbis, fascinating. Especially given the bottom line, which is that the iStock pix cost $30 and the Corbis pix $900. In so many of the images, the iStock image is stronger and fresher.

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