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Why I love Joburg

It’s in the details: my bedside tableI have been in Jozi for the weekend: doing some work, catching up with my friends (and making some new ones – good to meet you, Nic).

There have been those moments when I’ve felt my heart beat a little faster, harder – and I know it’s because I’m in Joburg …

I knew I was back when:

  • I got goosebumps ordering an Iced Mocca at Seattle in Hyde Park.
  • I smiled ruefully at a beggar’s sign at the traffic lights: “Help me today. I’ll help you tomorrow.”
  • I suffered consumer frenzy. And suffered house/car/money envy.
  • I drove too fast (well, as fast as my rental would allow me). And hooted at the arseholes who cut in front of me.
  • I locked my car doors, put my bag in the boot and never opened my windows.
  • I talked about crime and the horrible things that happen to people I care about.
  • I longed to find time to make an appointment for a hair cut.
  • I did all that I had to to resist driving past my beautiful old house in Emmarentia to see how the trees have grown.
  • I caught up with some of my old friends who make me happy, make me laugh and remind me that I don’t like to be teased. Especially not about food.
  • I was always late for everything because it takes bloody forever to drive anywhere.
  • I smoked a cigarette. Or maybe two. Okay, three.
  • I ate a chocolate croissant from Fournos and remembered why they’re famous.
  • I wished my children were here so we could go to the zoo with our Mommy Mafia friends.
  • I wished Robert was with me. I hate sleeping alone.

So it’s back to Grahamstown. Back home. Back to my family. And that’s the way it should be.


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One Response

  1. Robert says:

    Well, I hoped I made up for the lonely nights.

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