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In the jungle with Caspar the Ghost

I find Sunday Times Lifestyle writer Caspar Greeff one of the most entertaining writers in South Africa. He’s funny, he’s interesting, he reminds me of my friend Don. And I really wish I could write like him. Or, maybe, I wish I was him.  Mmm… Anyway, he’s in the Amazon Jungle — with his 72-year-old father — to take part in shamanic ceremonies and drink the powerful psychotropic brew ayahuasca. “He claims he’s doing this to have a life-altering experience, to heal, reinvigorate and re-energise himself, and to learn how to become a better poker player.” Read his blog or Sunday’s jaw-dropping print piece about taking his father along for the ride


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One Response

  1. Robert says:

    If you were him… would you drag me along to explore psychotropic drugs in the Amazon?

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