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Google Earth for stalkers

There’s been a lot of fuss over the fact that Google now has cameras everywhere – well, in the US, of course. (Google zooms in too close for some, says the New York Times.) In case you missed it, Google’s Street View feature for Google Maps allows users to see certain parts of several big US cities through panoramic images. Others, such as mashable, have responded differently. See their gleeful Top 15 Google Street View Sightings.

And then there’s this beauty on Slate. Apart from the fact that I think Scott has way too much time on his hands, it’s pretty funny in a creepy kind of way.

PS: I also quite liked Tony Long’s posting on this: Suddenly, the Paranoids Don’t Seem So Paranoid Anymore. Tony is the copy editor at Wired and his blog is called The Luddite. A crusty sub-editor who is a tech sceptic. No surprises there…


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