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Mother of two, living life in small-town South Africa

A redhead revolution

I’m turning 40 this year. Christ. You would think, though, that I would have made peace with my red hair and pale, freckled complexion. But i still feel different. And while I know there are those who find it attractive, there are probably as many who find it repulsive. (I came across a few virulent anti-Ginger Facebook groups the other day  but Don reminded me not to take it personally… I guess it’s funny, but it’s close to the bone too.) That’s probably why I really enjoyed Come on you reds! by The Observer’s Louise Crowe.

“We’re all around you. If you look, you’ll see us: on buses, in shops, at the office, in pubs… Yet you’ll rarely see us on beaches, and you’ll be lucky to spot us in direct sunlight during the summer months. We are redheads. You might know us as ginger, or strawberry blond if you’re being kind; few of us have passed through life untouched by carrot-top jokes or escaped the muffled laughter induced by our milk-white legs in PE lessons. A large number of us have been followed round playgrounds by gangs of mouse-haired children chanting: ‘Tut-tut, ginger nut, where d’ya get your hair cut?’ All of us have automatic entry into the only minority group for which discrimination based on skin and hair colour is socially acceptable.”


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